Terms & Conditions

The following is a basic guideline in processing the necessary steps to complete any work done by John Klor.

1- John Klor will present a free quote and proposal detailing:

  • the number of pages for your site
  • the number of graphics for your site
  • the estimated time for presenting you with a sample site revision and proofing
  • the total price of your site

2- Upon acceptance of quote, John Klor will require an initial retainer of 50% of the total price to cover startup expenses, along with the necessary documents and material such as text content, art work, graphics, logos, photos, etc. to proceed with the following initial setup:

  • register your domain name (yourbusiness.com) if required
  • set-up your master email pop account (yourbusiness@yourbusiness.com)
  • post up your site's "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" page
  • development of your site

3- Upon site revision and proofing presentation, you will be given an opportunity to:

  • change, modify, add or remove any content you wish
  • readjustment of the estimate as per above conditions

(additional changes & modifications are subject to our normal hourly service charge)

4- Upon approval of final site revision and proofing, John Klor will perform the following:

  • complete your site within the estimated time period
  • set-up your site's additional email accounts
  • publish your site to the server

5- After your site has been officially published for 15 days, John Klor will perform the following:

  • ask for the final payment of the remaining balance of 50%
  • give you or *your developer the full access to maintain your site
  • issue your UserID and Password to access your web site

* John Klor will not be responsible for any changes or errors caused by your developer.

Important Notice:  John Klor will not be responsible for any types of logos' or images' placed on your website that are claimed by their rightful owners against copyright and/or license infringement.

John Klor offers reduced rates for your site's maintenance and updates.  Please ask about our flat rate for your site's maintenance.  Low rate charges are billed by one minute increments.

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